The Eight Ways of Making Money in Trevo


Trevo - Empowering Wellness

Many thanks for your interest in TREVO.

Nutrition is just one aspect of TREVO.

This is a network marketing business empowering dreams with a powerful, unparalleled system and experience, plus a compensation plan that is second to none.

This is your opportunity to live a lifestyle that you can believe in and that you can help others create: One that promotes wellness and prosperity. TREVO is dedicated to building a culture that equips and motivates people just like you and me to achieve and embrace the greatness for which we are created.

The Trévo compensation plan is by far the most generous in the network marketing industry. In this business, there are eight ways of making money:

1)      Over 40% Retail Profit

Trévo LLC gives you the ability to earn substantial retail income by purchasing our phenomenal products at wholesale and then selling them to retail customers for a significant profit

2)      40% Fast Start Bonus

An instant gratification is yours with the Trévo Fast Start Commissions as you are rewarded with immediate income for building your business. Each time you personally enroll a Life and Health Coach, you will be paid a 40% Fast Start Bonus on the system your enrollee purchases

3)      20% Matching Bonus

Each time a team member whom you have personally enrolled, enrolls a new Life and Health Coach, you will receive a 20% matching bonus on the system the new enrollee purchases

4)      8 Levels Group Volume Commission (Autoship Income)

Trévo rewards you for your personal efforts in building exciting, passionate and growing teams by helping you to create a generous monthly residual income. Trévo pays you autoship commission on up to eight (8)levels i.e. generations

5)      4 Levels of Bulk Pack Commission

When one of your team members in your 1st to 4th level buys Trévo in bulk, Trévo rewards you with a Bulk Pack Commission

6)      Team Volume Recognition/Global Pool Bonus

Trévo reserves 15% of the company Group Volume Sales to be paid monthly in 15 separate qualified 1% pools

7)      Leadership Bonuses

Trévo rewards leaders with luxury car bonuses, amazing international vacations and special cash rewards

8)      Charity Bonus

When you achieve the Black Diamond Executive status, Trévo rewards you with shares of the Trévo charity pool bonuses. These shares are distributed as donations to charities specified by you and are made in your name.

A visit to Trévo Live Presentation will give you more details of the Compensation plan. I will also provide more information in subsequent emails. Thank you.

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