A Poem – The Victory Ceremony


A Poem – The Victory Ceremony

A Poem - The Victory Ceremony
Olympic Rings

Every time I see an Olympic event,

The joys of victory,

The pains of defeat,

It seems to me like a journey of life,

The passion, the drive, the courage – the dream.

The drive to achieve that dream

Then I say to myself,

It is time to put that dream to work

Until I step out of my comfort zone,

I won’t know I have got guts

I’ll never know how strong I am,

Until being strong is the last option I have got.

To achieve my dreams,

It is time to stretch myself,

It is time to stretch and plan.

Am I determined to win that gold?

Am I disciplined to stay the course?

Am I prepared to face that challenge?

Then I am ready to celebrate the victory.

Yes I can,

See you at the Victory Ceremony.


By Onyinye Arizechi. A graduate of Computer Science, a God lover and a Programmer. I am currently working as an IT Executive in Lagos

© 2012 – 2017, Contributing Writer. All rights reserved.


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