The Day-A Poem



    The Day-A Poem

    Oh! It’s another splendid morning,

    A morning with its rekindled died hopes of yesterday,

    But the fear, Yeah! The fear still lingers on,

    The sun upon rising from the east,

    Goes down, and would go down,

    Scepticism, scepticism, oh…, scepticism

    Why doth thou crowd my thought?

     The day, why not tell whether thou be mine?

    Why doth thou watch me pant to nothingness,

    The sun settles in the West… an exposition to

    Stillborn dreams, aspiration and plans

    Why doth thou all of a sudden frown?

    A frown, that has not crowned a struggle,

    My comforter, affirms only but my fears,

    Sorrow is of the night, joy cometh in the morning

    No wonder, the dawn presents hope, the dusk; a dupe,

    Such pervades the day, and night,

    The star a hope, Immeasurable miles away,

    Hope, what becomes thou essence?

    While the night eludes me the keys of passage.

    A Ghanaian, currently with the Prestigious Ghana Institute of Journalism studying for a B.A Degree in Communications (Journalism option). I love reading, watching football and at most times, blogging. Basically, I devote a chunk of my leisure time working on and perfecting my writing career. It's my dream to become a renowned Journalist, Lawyer and Author.

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