The Super Food Guide- An Entertaining Look at 20 Super Foods


    All women want to be the most beautiful version of themselves. More often than not, the solution is to run out and by the latest and greatest wrinkle-reducing cream or the next best dieting pill. However, wouldn’t it simplify things if you knew that some of the most amazing beauty secrets were hiding right in front of your eyes?

    Each time you visit the grocery store, you are surrounded by small superheroes, all of which are waiting to help you look and feel your best. This infographic by <a href:””>Fair and Flawless</a> shares everyday foods like blueberries, Greek yogurt, and avocados that contain powerful nutrients which not only improve you on the inside, they make you glow on the outside, too.

    So rather than spending paycheck after paycheck on products you merely hope will work, why not incorporate things into your diet that you know will work? After all, eating a handful of blueberries every afternoon is a lot more enjoyable than slathering on that expensive facial cream before going to bed each night.

    Super Food Guide

    Cassie Brewer contributed to this info graphic on ‘The Super Food Guide’ and blogs on health and beauty at

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