10 Signs that you Have an Entrepreneurial Mindset…


Signs Of An Entrepreneurial Mindset

If you were pressed to describe the stereotypical entrepreneur, which words would you use? Passionate? Dedicated? Optimistic? Sure, those apply. But insecure and troublemaker are more accurate, according to experts who know a success when they see one. Do the following traits, characteristics and quirks describe you? Well then, you might be an entrepreneur (at heart, if not yet in practice).

Signs of an entrepreneurial mindset

  1. You take action.
  2. You’re Scared.
  3. You’re Resourceful.
  4. You obsess over cash flow.
  5. You don’t ask for permission.
  6. You’re Fearless.
  7. You welcome change.
  8. You love a challenge.
  9. You recover quickly.
  10. You listen.

Do you agree? What would you add or subtract from these 10 traits? Do let us know in the comments section!

Culled from entrepreneur.com

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