Is Senai Wolderufael the World’s Answer to Food Distribution?


Food! To quote Virginia Woolf , “One cannot think, love or sleep well unless one has dined well.” 

I add, “Given the right conditions, food will probably outlive my generation as it outlived my great-grandparents generation. If anything, we will keep finding newer ways to cook the same kind of food our ancestors ate.”

Simple wonder then that caterers and ‘foodpreneurs’ abound? Everybody wants to eat!

Imagine then that you live in the diaspora; wouldn’t you be positively delirious if you had access to your native foods and spices at affordable prices?

Senai Wolderufael

That is the service Senai Wolderufael provides for his countrymen from Ethiopia. Entrepreneurs from Uganda, Nigeria, Niger, Ghana, Mali, Eritrea, Kenya et al what are you waiting on?

The 27-year old graduate of the Addis Ababa University founded the ‘Feed Green Ethiopia Exports Company’ operating out of Addis-Ababa Ethiopia, which harvests, packages and exports Ethiopian spice blends and other staples.

Founded in 2012, Feed Green caters to Ethiopians in the diaspora and Africa by popular demand.

Culled from their Facebook page, Feed Green details its portfolio:

“Feed Green Ethiopia Exports plc. is one of the leading food export companies  engaged in producing, packing and exporting Ethiopian food items such as fresh injera and traditional special blends of Ethiopian spices like the Ethiopian Pepper (Berbere), Ethiopian Hot Chili pepper (Mitmita), Wild Black Pepper (Kundo Berbere), Mitten Shero, Black Cumin (Tikur Azmud), Caraway Seed/Bishop’s weed (Netch Azmude), Black Cardamom (Korerima), Garlic Powder (Netch Shinkurt), Rosemary powder (Tibs Kitel), Cinnamon Powder, Basil powder/Besobila, Abyssinian Thyme/Tosign, Clove/Kerenfud, Coriander/Dimbilal/, Fenugreek/Abish/, Ginger Powder/Zingibil/, Mustard Seed/Senafitch/and Rue/Tena Adam/.


Feed Green also exports other popular spices, staple foods, grain, oil seed products and is known for its established international trade routes.

Salivating as you dust off your recipe books for good? You should!

Senai is most definitely doing something right as he was named amongst Africa’s top 30 promising Entrepreneurs to watch out for!

In the words of Forbes Contributor, Mfonobong Nsehe;

“There has never been a more inspired generation of young Africans. These builders, innovators and risk takers are fervent in their resolve to transform the continent. They are solving critical socio-economic problems, exporting African culture to the world, creating job opportunities for Africans, re-telling Africa’s stories, and writing the future…

They may be today’s upstarts, but they are tomorrow’s legends. Aliko Dangote, Tony Elumelu, Chris Kirubi and Patrice Motsepe may call the shots today, but these ones will take center-stage tomorrow. ~

As Bryan Mcgill said, “Food is a part of our contract with life.”

So are you ready to take that idea to the world stage? On your marks then, don’t forget to let us know when you go; we can’t wait to celebrate your guts!


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