The African Radio Drama Association Presents ‘Rainbow City’ Episode 8


Rainbow City

Mr Johnson’s Challenge

Pa Momoh pays a late night visit to Madam Asabe, who is manifestly displeased to see him at that hour. He presses her to allow him entrance into her house, but she resolutely refuses, also hinting that she is aware that rumours are flying around about her.

Faced with a brick wall, Pa Momoh lays down the reason for his visit; the Landlord is at it again! He is insisting on the rent increment and an additional 6 months in advance; a quit notice is in the works for tenants who do not comply.

Madam Asabe will not be threatened or bullied however and sends the flirtatious Pa Momoh running off with threats to arouse the neighbourhood if he dares lay a horny finger on her.

Next Morning…

Mr Chris confronts Madam Asabe with the gossip he has overhead between Beauty-Mama Vero and Lydia in the communal kitchen. It rolls off her like water off a duck’s back and she tells him the truth of the incidence that occurred the previous night. Mr Chris is visibly relieved to hear the truth of the matter, but cautions her to avoid scenarios that will ignite the gossip of their petty neighbours.

Their talk turns to Mr Johnson’s vicious vengeance in increasing the house rent because the tenants refuse to vote him in as Chairman despite the dismal state of Endurance Villa and his lack of concern about the welfare of his tenants and the maintenance of his property.

Sefinat and Mama Vero…

Sefinat confronts Mama Vero for not telling her about the rumours concerning her husband –the Chairman of the Jubilee Taxi Park- and Madam Asabe. Mama Vero begs her forgiveness, and adds other tidbits of gossip to the information already possessed by Sefinat. Incensed, Sefinat decides to take the fight to the market stall of her perceived opponent, Madam Asabe, but is restrained by Mama Vero and other passers-by.

Where and when will this rumour-mongering end? We wonder. And what will the Landlord do to his rebellious tenants? Well, when you push people to the wall, don’t be surprised when they turn and fight!

This is a Production of the African Radio Drama Association [ARDA}.

© 2014 – 2017, Jennifer Nkem-Eneanya. All rights reserved.


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