The African Radio Drama Association Presents ‘Rainbow City’ Episode 7


Rainbow City

Na Question of Money!!!

Mama Vero-wife of Adolphus- is in the marketplace in conversation with Lydia, the Buka-owner and food-seller. They discuss their dire economic straits and lament the unprofitability of their respective business ventures.

Two idle women, their gossip soon turns to Madam Asabe who is branded the champion ‘husband-stealer.’ Lydia worries that she might cause Chairman not to continue to patronise her food stall with his union members and reports sightings of Chairman at Madam Asabe’s at odd hours.

Of course, we know that the liaison between Chairman and Madam Asabe is strictly based on union and other money matters.

 Madam Asabe and Chairman

Madam Asabe complains to Chairman about the travails of forming a union with particular respect to safe-keeping the union monies. He advices her to organise an election, vote for officials, register the union and open a bank account which would guarantee that the union monies are duly accounted for by the union officials.

It is a bit ironic that he who gives this advice has exploited it in his own union!

 Adolphus and Mr Uduma

Mr Uduma accosts perpetual debtor, Adolphus and demands payment of the monies owed to him. Adolphus’s mouth runs loose, and he snubs Mr Uduma by telling him to ‘do his worst!’ Mr Uduma is enraged and insults the unrepentant Adolphus who gives as good as he gets, insinuating that Mr Uduma is carrying on an illicit relationship with a certain ‘Buka-Owner’ easily identifiable as Lydia.

Well, well, what goes around comes around doesn’t it? Who knew that gossip-monger Lydia has a little bit of gossip trailing her too?

This is a production of the African Radio Drama Association.

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