The African Radio Drama Presents ‘Rainbow City’ Episode 14


Rainbow City

The Peace Plan

Mr Uduma and Pa Momoh have a spat over Mr Johnson’s quit notice. Pa Momoh has had a surprising change of heart and wants to broker a cease-fire between the tenants and Mr Johnson the Landlord; after all, if everyone quits Endurance villa, Pa Momoh would be left alone, a very unpleasant prospect, because despite their many squabbles, the tenants of Endurance Villa are one family.

 He persuades Mr Uduma to attend a settlement meeting with other tenants to find a peaceful resolution to the matter.

The Meeting…

At the tenants meeting, Madam Asabe leads the tirade against Mr Johnson’s mistreatment of his tenants and Mr Bature lends his voice to the general tide of displeasure. Pa Momoh attempts to pacify and cajole the tenants as he listens to their complaints. Chris and Mr Uduma are not left out either, as Mr Uduma adds, ‘He cannot hold us hostage!’ Chairman reiterates, ‘Anyone who wants to treat tenants like rubbish is a bloody fool!’

Adolphus is as contrary as ever and passes cowardly comments in support of Mr Johnson, insisting that tenants can never win a battle against the Landlord.

Pa Momoh promises to pass on their objections to Mr Johnson, after drawing up strategies and tactics to ensure that a peaceable outcome is reached. Pa Momoh is staunchly on the side of the tenants to the annoyance of debtor Adolphus who urges him not to ‘lose the source of his garri.’

Will the peace plan work? Will Caretaker Pa Momoh serve as a bridge between the very disgruntled tenants of Endurance Villa and their callous Landlord? Time will tell!

This is a production of the African Radio Drama Association [ARDA]

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