The African Radio Drama Association Presents, ‘Rainbow City’


    Rainbow City- Episode 1

    The Rainbow City radio drama which is conducted in Pidgin English introduces us to a community of co-tenants and neighbours living in the ubiquitous tenement ‘face-me-I-face-you’ cluster of one room apartments with shared facilities and conveniences.

    In the premier episode, we meet Mr Adolphus, the lazy, jobless husband of Beauty, and father to a brood of seven children. He remains in the compound when every responsible person has set out to eke a living and is aptly branded as a ‘busy-body’ by his buddy the caretaker, Pa Momoh.

    His delusions of grandeur keep him stuck in the past when he served as a cook to a white man, and his only plans to better his lot in the present is to marry or sell of his teenage daughter to the Landlord, Mr Johnson; a man we are convinced already has a fondness for the opposite sex-in every shape, age and size.

    The episode ends with the return of Beauty, a woman made cantankerous by her husband’s lack of ambition and drive and a caterwauling over the absence of a meal ensues almost immediately.

    We do not envy Beauty the lot life has dealt her.

    To listen to this episode>>>

    This is a production of the African Radio Drama Association.

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