POEM: Africa Here I come, by Chime Hilary

Chime Hilary
source: afkinsider.com

POEM: Africa Here I come, by Chime Hilary

Africa, here I come, Africa
Africa of the black soul
The soul of an ancient culture
The culture of your timid tribes.

Its your voice I hear, Africa
Your voice of the talking drums
Your beaded drums and the royal trumpeter
The metal gong of your town crier

I have come to see your music dance
I have heard of your ageless minstrels
Have I not heard of your swinging hips!
I have heard enough and have come to watch
Wouldn’t you dance for me africa

Africa here i come, Africa
Would you not show me to your tribes
The timid tribes of your sweetened tongues
The varied tongues of your virtuous men

Africa, black soul Africa
Tell me about your gods
Your gods of the sky and of the mother earth
Your gods of the hills and of the rivers abound

Show me to your kings africa
Your kings of the ancient dynasty
The ancient dynasty of rusted spear and shield
Africa, here i come africa

Thanks to Chime Hilary for sharing this piece. He can be reached at chimehilary@gmail.com

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