Beautiful Parenting in Africa: First Rule of Parenting


Meme Boham Parenting rule

Hello Africa. How are you?

Here is another edition of the Beautiful Parenting in Africa Series. Some people are more visual learners and so I decided to start posting some of my writings on YouTube in video form (talk videos).

During a speaking engagement, I mentioned that I stopped spanking as a parenting rule a while ago when I realised I was always spanking out of anger or the frustration of Lagos life.

The room went dead and everyone stared at me like I had just blasphemed. I explained that the spanking was never to teach positive behaviour. On the contrary, it was just because I didn’t like what my child had done and I wanted him to know I didn’t like it, so I resorted to beating.

Like I always say, in the end all he learns is never to do it in my presence again.

And so, No! I do not believe in beating my child as a form of discipline. I want to always be in control of my method of discipline. I want to discipline with my mind, not with my emotions.

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