Oresegun Olumide- Redesigning the Face of Art

Oresegun Olumide
Source: cnn.com

Oresegun Olumide- is the new celebrity in town. He didn’t set out to be famous at first, but his gift made way for him and launched him into spotlight.

A hyper-realism artist, Olumide makes efforts to not only entertain, but to also create scenes that the Nigerian people can easily relate to, something that draws them even closer home.

Source: nairaland.com
Source: nairaland.com

You know that priceless sight of children having a good time, playing in the rain, or running about in the stream with water droplets rolling down their innocent faces. [inlinetweet prefix=”null” tweeter=”null” suffix=”null”]Olumide’s paintings tell beautiful stories of everyday life, and experiences of children.[/inlinetweet] The young artist took a special liking for photographs at age 4, and he has since nurtured that passion and even got better at this very thing that gives him so much delight.

Source: innovation-village.com
Source: innovation-village.com

The 35-year-old majored in Fine Art at the Yaba College of Technology , Lagos, graduating with a distinction.


The Lagos based painter settled into stardom just some weeks ago when his paintings went viral on Facebook and pulling over 18 thousand followers on instagram. His oil paintings are unique and simply out of the world.

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