POEM: Light in the Dark Alley of Confusion


    Light in the Dark Alley of Confusion

    The Dark Alley

    In the presence of confusion
    There is frustration and depression
    O what man I am
    Finding tranquility in inequity
    That can never be but enmity
    I have searched to search
    Her face I seek to see
    But the guards of iniquity
    Thus, held me bound.

    Now, I see the agonious Joy
    That i’ve longed for in years
    In tears I laugh with Joy
    Am free yes free
    Free from the guards of iniquity
    Released from the dung of darkness
    And found my light from the dark alley.

    How beautiful her face I see
    My hope and end of tears
    Her face broke the chains
    The chains of iniquity I lived
    She’s God’s mercies
    My light in the dark alley of confusion.

    This poem was written by Blessed Efurhievwe, an undergraduate of Economics, Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka Nigeria. He loves God because God is his CHAMPION and the ALL HE NEED TO HAVE. The articles Blessed writes are just expressions of how He feels with his limited knowledge of his Victory Giver. 

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