Leke Alder – Letter to Jack: My Girlfriend and I Are Always Arguing


Leke Alder – Letter to Jack: My Girlfriend and I Are Always ArguingLeke Alder My Girlfriend and I Are Always Arguing

An Ibo Proverb (From South-Eastern Nigeria) says, “What an Old Man Sees Sitting Down, A Young Man Cannot See Standing Up”.

Today, Jack has a problem that to common to some relationships you & I know. He is always arguing with his girlfriend. Uncle Leke steps in with a letter, explaining the likely implications of the constant acrimony, acridity and mordancy *wink*wink*.

It is not a joking matter though. Read on and gain some old-man understanding.

Have you been in this position before? If yes, What did you do about the situation?

I would love to read about your experience in the comments section below.

Do have a great week ahead.

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  1. I have had almost all that is written here.The relationship was obviously not working and i knew it.We were close but distant.Mant things about us differed and i would usually ask myself if i would be able to handle this lady as my wife.

    However,i continued to give excuses until we finally seperated and even after that,i was still looking out for her.


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