Are you a ‘Jack/Jill’ of Many Trades? Here Are 5 Ways To Manage Your Different Pursuits


Winston Churchill once said about focus: “You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.”

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Steve Jobs notably said, “Focus is about saying ‘No’.”

The letters in focus have even been defined thus:

F- Follow

O- One

C- Course

U- Until

S- Successful

However, many people, professionals and entrepreneurs alike believe that focusing on only one course is akin to killing off the other talents or ventures which they are equally passionate about. Some people get bored easily and thrive on the variety, and placing limits on what they can or should focus on, may become counterproductive and leave them feeling like they are trapped or stuck in a rut.

Here are 5 Ways to roll like a Jack/Jill of many trades:

  1. Start by identifying which topics you feel most passionate about. At this point, your focus doesn’t have to be laser-like.
  2. Investigate, research and read up on your areas of interest. What is presently going on in that field? Does it fuel your passion or douse the flames?
  3. Make projections based on your research. In another 5 years, would you be passionate about an industry if you knew where it was headed?
  4. Sometimes you have to experiment with a lot of ideas and see which one sticks. Try things out and see what catches fire. What seems to capture people’s imagination?
  5. Remember that finding your niche is not an exact science, and you often won’t know in advance what will work. If you cannot be directly involved in trying everything out -perhaps due to a day job- delegate, partner or buy-into a platform that is involved in one of your passions.

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