If Tomorrow Never Comes


If Tomorrow Never Comes

If Tomorrow Never comes

Bountiful of writhes await my tribute

Seemingly imminent, but moment unfolds the hidden

Neither the heart is ridden with phantom

To the lords, all the souls shall return.


I fear not the grunt of any mortal

For my heels have slumped and staggered

In the marathon of no return

Riddled with temptation and multitude of thunderous waves,

Yet, nature unveils the gallantry.


Heroes seldom die;

But precedence trails their foot prints.

History and reminisce linger the obsolete memory,

The beautiful generation shall chant their glorious names.


The hairy Africans shall recite my reign

When struggle has redeemed Africans’ liberation,

And villains vacate on inevitable exile.

On our realm, freedom shall ruled,

Till the tumultuous tide erode all empires.


Our echo is deafening,

Overshadowing the western’s clarion;

And victory knows no wavelength.


No cause for dirge

If tomorrow never comes.


Ali Toyin Abdul is an award-winning writer, law undergraduate and poet.


  1. Wooooooooooow… each time I read your artistic works I jst can’t stop getting marvelled at your level of creativity

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