Chimamanda Adichie; The Danger of a Single Story


 The Danger of a Single StoryChimamanda Adichie The Danger of a Single Story

Years after author Chimamanda Adichie made this speech at the ubiquitous TED conference, it continues to resonate as it mirrors the truth of our existence as individuals, a community, a nation or the Africas –as one writer insisted Africa be named-. At the risk of sounding evangelical, I must ask, “What is the single story that has kept you from birthing the greatness in you?”

As Africa struggles to find her identity, so must you the amazing African in the Africas; own your identity. When you can tell your different stories clearly and loudly, then others will cease to impose their versions of whom or what they think you should be.

Have a terrific week, craft a new story!


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