Beautiful Parenting in Africa: Is Your Child a Fashion Designer in the Making?


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Hi there,

Hope you are doing great and enjoying your parenting experience.

Recently, I asked my four (4) year old to go to his room and choose an outfit to wear. I usually bring out two (2) outfits and ask him to make his choice but this time I wanted to see what he would do.

When I got to his room to behold his choice of outfit, this is what I saw: –

Meme Boham -Child Fashion designer

I wanted to scream initially, but when I looked at the combinations, they looked pretty decent. I actually had a tough time selecting my favorite.

Now, we need to help him perfect his cloth-folding skills so that the next time he does this, he will calmly fold them and return to the closet.

Now it’s your turn. Do you allow your children to make their choice of clothes to wear? Do you allow them to mix and match their clothes?

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