Abiola O. Omodele

Hi, I'm Abiola O. Omodele. I work as an accountant, and organise life changing seminars through Delivering Excellent Leadership (DEL) Resources. I am the author of More Than Just Quotes, a collection of thoughts that help people aspire for the best in life. I am passionate about people development and growth. I love empowering people; I want them to be all they can possibly be. It's my believe that we are all brilliant and intelligent. What I give is LIFE. You can reach me here https://abiolaomodele.com, Twitter: https://twitter.com/abiolaomodele, and on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/omodeleabiolao
Abiola's Blog

Abiola’s Blog: Dreams are Free but the Journey Is Not Free.

In case you don't know there are dreams and there are dreams. There's this story of a seventeen years old boy who had a...