Short Story – A CRY (Part 3)

    A Cry
    Photo Credit – Laurence Simon

    April 29th 1999

    Kevwe adjusted and readjusted her floral dress. Her colleagues were on their way to see her. This visit was top on her list of dreaded events since the accident. The scars on her face were just so obvious, she had tried everything possible to hide them but no… they stubbornly refused to stay hidden.

    Mr. Gwinka led the colleagues who came calling. Kevwe forced a smile as she welcomed everyone: Kenneth Duke, Charity Ojo, Chinedu Kalu, Joy Anthony, Ruby Ogha and Jamima Saliu a.k.a Mama. Now, Mama went at a high pitch ‘go and sit down,’ as she shooed Kevwe from the doorway, ‘Who said you should stand?’ she queried,… ‘you should be resting, off you go’, leading her towards the sofa, ‘gently now, gently’ she cooed until Kevwe sat. Kevwe smiled deeply. ‘Now I must say… I’ve missed you Mama, a whole lot!

    Dearest Secret Keeper,
    I survived the visit, the shocked stares and gasps, the eyes narrowing a fraction too late to hide pity. We all said the phrase, ‘thank God for His mercies’ over and over, inundating the general chit-chat. I said, ‘I am grateful’ through clenched teeth, trying to keep up my spirit, not quite believing the words I spoke! Does this mean I trust you only when it’s convenient? I truly hate to think so.. I am sorry for coming off as unappreciative, but I will really love to lose the scars. I don’t doubt the basis of my beauty, but don’t think I am strong enough for his one.

    Your beautiful princess

    To be continued…


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