Download Free eBook – The African Star’s Manifesto: Stop Wasting Your Time

The African Star's Manifesto

We are very excited to announce the launch of our first eBook! After days and nights of focused work, we are pleased to now share with you: The African Star’s Manifesto.

About The Manifesto

The African Star’s Manifesto is a small eBook about the need for all Africans to put their gifts and talents to effective use in making a difference in Africa.

This short manifesto is a call for Africans everywhere to fall back in love with their natural gifting and talents, and use it to further to development of the beautiful African continent.

We intentionally made the eBook short, sweet and straight to the point, so that you could read and digest it all in one sitting.

How to get a Copy

You can get a free copy of The African Star’s Manifesto byfilling out the form at the end of this page or joining our newsletter list.

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The next steps…

If you’ve already read The African Star’s Manifesto, we say a very big thank you. We feel very honoured and elated that you took the time to read it. So… what did you think?

Share your thoughts and feedback in the comments below. If you liked it, you are welcome to share it with others. Here are a few ideas:

  • Tweet about it.
  • Share it on Facebook.
  • Email this link to a friend.
  • Print it and give a copy to a coworker or other writer (just don’t charge for it or change it).

And here are some other ways to get involved:

  • Share your thoughts and takeaways on Twitter, using the hashtag #africanstarsmanifesto.
  • Join the Facebook community, where you can connect with other writers who have something to say.


Become The Next African Star…

We hope that this manifesto inspires you to do great work and make an undeniable impact in your community and in Africa.

If you return to working/developing your craft or start making a difference in your community as a result of reading The African Star’s Manifesto, please share it. If it’s online, feel free to include the link in the comments below, as well as on Facebook and Twitter (be sure to use the hashtag #africanstarsmanifesto). We can’t wait to read about your craft and how you are making a difference.

Thank you. God bless you.