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Mama Clare Effiong – …………….With Love to Rwanda.

"Love people. When you see somebody, love that person." This has been Clare Effiong’s creed since she was a little girl. Her life … Continue Reading

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Christine Khasinah-Odero- The Kenyan Supamama and her Many Exploits.

What could be more rewarding in life than one discovering his purpose, pursuing it with an unrelenting devotion and through it … Continue Reading


Martin Ojwang- Creating Elaborate Furniture Designs from Bicycle Parts.

Genius is the ability to see several things where the ordinary man sees just one. It is a blazing initiative strengthened with … Continue Reading

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Kemi kalikawe- Passion, Determination and an Amazing Taste for Fashion and Style.

One of the major keys to success is to keep moving forward passionately and determinedly, on the path of our dreams whether it be … Continue Reading

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Top Five Influential Figures Progressing Africa

The African economy has grown significantly in recent years and continues to do so with remarkable success. A number of key people … Continue Reading


Whew! It’s Workers Day…Off!!!

    There is no small work, or insignificant work; all honest work that is noble and … Continue Reading

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Get Salted! Desperately Seeking Emptiness

Any true abiding of the spirit of God must be preceded by emptying. In other words, the first condition of God's filling is … Continue Reading

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Trevo - The Power of Wellness

The Eight Ways of Making Money in Trevo

Many thanks for your interest in TREVO. Nutrition is just one aspect of TREVO. This is a network marketing business empowering … Continue Reading

Trevo - The Power of Wellness

How TREVO Empowers Your Health and Wellness

Hi, I trust you are doing great. Today, I will share with you how TREVO EMPOWERS your WELLNESS. TREVO does a 3-Phase … Continue Reading

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Konnect Entertainment: Kanwulia’s ‘I Got You’ Video.

TGIF! New artiste on the block, Kanwulia has released the video of her single' titled 'I Got You.' Directed by Lanre Tyson … Continue Reading


Musical Video: Top of the World by D’Banj

It's the end of the year. How has your 2013 being? Are you feeling on top of the world right now? Are you feeling thankful to … Continue Reading

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A Konnect Africa Interview with Noah Walakira; Anzisha Finalist & Sweater-Maker Per Excellence

Top of the week to you Konnect Africans! As October enters its penultimate week, we are pleased to present our interview with … Read

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A Konnect Africa Interview with Prof. Ifeyinwa Achike; Climate Change Crusader [Part 2]

It's a great new week! We love new weeks, new beginnings, new hopes, dreams and aspirations! As the weather starts to change … Read

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A Konnect Africa Interview with Prof. Ifeyinwa Achike; Director, Africa Climate Change Adaptation Initiative, University of Nigeria.

With daily battles to live above subsistence level, constant reminders to follow the money trail in career and professional … Read

Unoma Nwankwor

  A Konnect Africa Interview with Christian Romance Author, Unoma Nwankwor

When you think Christian, the next thought in line isn’t usually ‘Romance’ I know but with author Unoma Nwankwor, penning down … Read

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Photo credit: ©2012 Desta Laiser/World Vision via

Felicia Okonkwo’s “Against All Odds, I Know an Amazing Nigerian Woman!” Writing Competition

Today, 13th October 2014, in commemoration of her 50th birthday anniversary, the Felicia Okonkwo ‘Against All Odds, I Know an … Continue Reading

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The ‘I Know a Ghanaian Star’ Online Competition 2014 Award Luncheon

Akwaaba! Welcome to Ghana! The sign read loud and clear as Konnect Africa’s Editors,  Jennifer  Eneanya and Lovelyn Okafor made … Continue Reading


Engineer Chukwuemeka Ujam is Another Nigerian Star.

We bring you another great article from our I Know a Nigerian Star collection. Be inspired by this piece and have a great … Continue Reading

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Think and Grow Rich

Day 19 – #ThinkAndGrowRich Reading Challenge – The Power of Auto-Suggestion

Ever heard of the Law of Auto-suggestion? It is described in the lines below: - "If you think you are beaten, you are, If you … Continue Reading

Think and Grow Rich

Day 18 #ThinkAndGrowRich Reading Challenge – The Power of Faith

  Let me share with you some insights I got on the Power of faith, while reading Chapter 3 of the book, Think and Grow Rich … Continue Reading

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short story

The Society Women Series…Book 1

Wanna Be Mom Mrs. Brenda smiled her admiration as she let her eyes roam around the expanse of land. “The rich folks sure know … Continue Reading


Beach Party

  Alexis had had it up to her chin with her sister’s escapades and she was done covering for her. Like her friend Sonia said, it … Continue Reading

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