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Cephas Nshimyumuremyi- From Chemistry Teacher to Award Winning Entrepreneur.

“Don't think that you need a lot of capital. Start with little, but use the knowledge and the environment that you already … Continue Reading


David Oyelowo: This A-List Actor Has a Dream…

…One dream can change the world. Martin Luther King’s dream was the beginning of a revolution that brought an end to white … Continue Reading


Achenyo Idachaba- Transforming Weeds to Wealth.

"What we do is take an environmental problem and turn it into a win-win solution," Beautiful, intelligent and composed, … Continue Reading


Kalenga Kamwendo- Zambia’s Youngest Pilot, Living the African Dream.

20th birthdays are often remarkable; a delightful elevation from teenage to adulthood. For many young people, it appears to be the … Continue Reading


Abraham ‘Abramz’ Tekya : Redefining the Hip-Hop Culture in Africa

Just when you thought hip-hop artistes and rappers were tattooed, women-loving, booze-quaffing shysters, Abramz Tekya does the … Continue Reading

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Bruno Oaikhinan- From Banker to Pro Hair stylist.

There is a day, seemingly like any other when everything changes. It is the day you make the decision once for all, to walk a new … Continue Reading

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Award-Winning Actor, O.C Ukeje is a Man on Fire!

Talent startles. It awakens. It thrills. True talent sets a man on fire, figuratively speaking! Nollywood, multiple award-winning … Continue Reading


Christian Ngan- World class Entrepreneur, Preserving the beauty of the African Skin.

Christian Ngan is the Founder and CEO of Madlyn Cazalis Group, a bourgeoning Cameroonian bio-cosmetic company with more than 60 … Continue Reading

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Top 10 ways to Generate Great Business Ideas

To become an entrepreneur, one must have an enterprise and that is usually where the challenge arises. What is the drop-dead … Continue Reading

Entrepreneur feat

Top 50 Reasons to Start a Business of your Own…

For others, starting a business is a scary, intimidating notion. There are too many unknowns to take the plunge. But if you’re … Continue Reading

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10 Signs that you Have an Entrepreneurial Mindset…

If you were pressed to describe the stereotypical entrepreneur, which words would you use? Passionate? Dedicated? Optimistic? … Continue Reading

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bisila bokoko 2

A Konnect Africa Interview with Bisila Bokoko on Books, Libraries & Africa

A visit to her hometown in Equatorial Guinea changed her life forever and awakened a desire to  share her love for reading with … Read angelafeat

An Interview with Angela Uwandu, Activist & Intl. Human Rights Law Advocate

It's a Konnect Africa Interview! Career woman, Angela Morgan-Uwandu is a lawyer, an activist and an expert in international human … Read

Kelechi Anyalechi

A Konnect Africa Interview with Kelechi Anyalechi: The Multi-Billion Dollar Life Coach

Hi. I trust you are doing great. Today, we bring to you our Interview with a fast-rising Star in Africa. He is a Life Coach, a … Read

at iCan Mentorship Teaching Students

A Konnect Africa Interview with Prince Akpah- 21 Year Old Change Agent and the Initiator of Be A Girl Foundation.

Today, we have on Konnect Africa's hot seat, the amiable Ghanaian change agent, Prince Akpah. A blogger, social entrepreneur, … Read

Yetunde Odugbesan Omede

A Konnect Africa Interview with Yetunde Odugbesan-Omede – Pretty Professor at 27 and Author of “Young Woman’s Guide”

It is another Konnect Africa Interview and today, we present to you a sterling and shining asset to the African Continent, a … Read

John Offiong #BallotNotBullet

John Offiong’s ‘Ballot Not Bullet’ Initiative – Towards Peaceful Elections in Nigeria

Nigeria goes to the polls in March 2015 and political activities have overtaken the land. A young Nigerian named John Offiong … Read

mrs. Ehirim

A Konnect Africa Interview with Mrs. Modupe Ehirim; Proprietress, Hidden Treasures Book store.

It’s a beautiful day great people, and to get you started, we bring you an exclusive interview with the graceful and purpose … Read

Ashan-wa Aliogo

A Konnect Africa Interview with Ashan-wa Aliogo – Africa’s Rising Fashion Star

It is another Konnect Africa interview, and today we have on our hot seat, the charming Miss Ashan-wa Aliogo, an amazing young … Read

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I Know An Amazing Nigerian Woman

The “Against all Odds, I Know an Amazing Nigerian Woman” Writing Competition Awards Ceremony

The 6th of December has come and gone, but its memories remain fresh and heart-warming for all who made it to the big event of the … Continue Reading


Announcing…….The Winners of the #”I Know an Amazing Nigerian Woman” Writing Competition.

Now sound the alarm, roll out the drums and let the ovation be heard!!! It's the 30th of November 2014!!! The Mrs Felicia … Continue Reading


It’s the Top 5! IKnowAnAmazingNigerianWoman Writing Competition Presents its Top 5…

First, there were 119...and now [drum roll please!] the Top 5 entries emerge for the Mrs Felicia Okonkwo's "I Know an Amazing … Continue Reading

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