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ufot feat

How First-class Engineering Graduate, Ufot Ekong Broke a 50 Year Record.

“I've come to believe that each of us has a personal calling that’s as unique as a fingerprint – and that the best way to succeed … Continue Reading

nick feat

Meet Nick Kaoma: Founder of South African StreetWear Brand, Head Honcho

You will never hear me be an advocate for those who decide to drop out of school and 'truncate' their education. Perhaps I am yet … Continue Reading

Credit: seattleglobalist

Jenneh Corkern: The Teenage Water Rights Activist Who is Inspiring Change in Liberia

Jenneh Corkern is a 17 year old Liberian orphan who has defied all odds and gone beyond her woes to carve possibilities out of … Continue Reading

Source: AfricaSpeaks4Africa

The Good African Story As Written by Ugandan Coffee Maker, Andrew Rugasira

Andrew Rugasira grew up in Uganda. He received a degree in Law and Economics in 1992 from the University of London. Mr. Rugasira … Continue Reading

Source:  African Leadership

Meet the Man Who Relaxes by Working Even Harder!

 He was born poor, lost both parents very early, and had to start working during school holidays to supplement the needs of his … Continue Reading

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Eleanor, Rumbidzai and Kundai- How the Soko Sisters Built a Mushroom Empire.

African women are innovative, courageous and enterprising and so are Eleanor, Rumbidzai and Kundai; the Soko sisters who have … Continue Reading


Taiwo Lawal- Africa’s First Blind Photographer.

Since hearing the story of Taiwo Lawal, I have come to the conclusion that there are far more than Seven Wonders of the … Continue Reading


10 things you should know about Professor Helon Habila, the Multiple Award-winning Author

Nigerian author, Helon Habila is a man of many firsts. Born in Kaltungo, Gombe State, Nigeria, he completed his secondary … Continue Reading

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Entrepreneur feat

Feeling Burnt Out? These 10 Tips Help You Make the Best Use of Your Weekend!

Successful people know the importance of shifting gears on the weekend to relaxing and rejuvenating activities. They use their … Continue Reading

Meme Boham

Beautiful Parenting in Africa: Raising a Highly Energetic Child

Anyone who knows my child knows that high energy is probably a mild way to describe him. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a little … Continue Reading

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Uduak Ubak’s Blog: The Naija Survivor Series – The Apapa Expressway Madness

Hello Naija, For some reason, the name " Naija", has just come to replace ' Nigeria'. I’m not exactly sure who coined it or … Continue Reading

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Marek Zmyslowski 28

A Konnect Africa Interview with Marek Zmyslowski – The Founder of Jovago.Com, Top Online Hotel-Booking Portal in Africa

Greetings Africa, How are you doing? It is another Konnect Africa interview and today, we are honoured to connect to you, … Read


A Konnect Africa Interview with Uhanan Mimi Musa; Social Entrepreneur and Development Expert

Good morning Africa, How delightful it is to always celebrate our dear continent and the amazing species that make her prosperous … Read

Emeka Nobis

A Konnect Africa Interview with Emeka Nobis – Writer, Trainer and Thought Leader

Hello Africa. It is another Konnect Africa Interview. If you are interested in doing more than just chatting, 'like-ing' and … Read

Toyin Adesola - SAMI

A Konnect Africa Interview with Toyin Adesola: A Fighter and An Advocate for People Living with Sickle Cell Disorder

It is another Konnect Africa Interview. Wow! It is great to be alive. Today, we feature a fighter, a go-getter, an amazing woman … Read

jenny feat

African Author: Jennifer Nkem-Eneanya of ‘The Curious Case of the Small Pikin’

KA: Welcome to Konnect Africa! If you weren't a writer, what else would you be doing? That's easy! I would be a Lawyer- which … Read

chinonso feat

A Konnect Africa Interview with Chinonso Ogbogu; Learning Devt. Expert

Take a break from work; grab a drink, or a snack. And indulge. Chinonso Ogbogu is the founder of SM Learning Development, a … Read

bisila bokoko 2

A Konnect Africa Interview with Bisila Bokoko on Books, Libraries & Africa

A visit to her hometown in Equatorial Guinea changed her life forever and awakened a desire to  share her love for reading with … Read angelafeat

An Interview with Angela Uwandu, Activist & Intl. Human Rights Law Advocate

It's a Konnect Africa Interview! Career woman, Angela Morgan-Uwandu is a lawyer, an activist and an expert in international human … Read

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I Know An Amazing Nigerian Woman

The “Against all Odds, I Know an Amazing Nigerian Woman” Writing Competition Awards Ceremony

The 6th of December has come and gone, but its memories remain fresh and heart-warming for all who made it to the big event of the … Continue Reading


Announcing…….The Winners of the #”I Know an Amazing Nigerian Woman” Writing Competition.

Now sound the alarm, roll out the drums and let the ovation be heard!!! It's the 30th of November 2014!!! The Mrs Felicia … Continue Reading


It’s the Top 5! IKnowAnAmazingNigerianWoman Writing Competition Presents its Top 5…

First, there were 119...and now [drum roll please!] the Top 5 entries emerge for the Mrs Felicia Okonkwo's "I Know an Amazing … Continue Reading

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