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Alexander Siddig zimbiocom

Alexander Sidding; Sudan’s Export to Hollywood

Sudan; can anything good come out of Sudan, but wars, strife and rumours of wars? Well, yes indeed! Alek Wek and our African … Continue Reading


Euvin Naidoo – Mckinsey Alumnus; Strengthening Business Ties and Connecting Markets.

Described by Forbes as a 'leading advocate for Western investment' into Africa, Mckinsey alumnus, Euvin Naidoo continues to enrich … Continue Reading


Daring the Odds; Film Director Jean Pierre Bekolo Tells it Like It Is!

Films tell stories –stories about love, romance, betrayal, humour, even politics. Daring filmmakers got the extra step; they dig … Continue Reading

Acha-Leke feature www

Acha Leke- Crusader-in-chief; Propagating Change in Africa.

Africa, like an “Iroko” in its prime, stands strong; unyielding to the seemingly endless misconceptions surrounding it and … Continue Reading

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Whew! It’s Workers Day…Off!!!

    There is no small work, or insignificant work; all honest work that is noble and … Continue Reading

Salt 1

Get Salted! Desperately Seeking Emptiness

Any true abiding of the spirit of God must be preceded by emptying. In other words, the first condition of God's filling is … Continue Reading

me alone

Brand King: @Uwaomaeizu on Persistence & Dreams!

The actor, Sylvester Stallone was once so broke and homeless. He slept on the streets of New York and bus stations with his dear … Continue Reading

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Trevo - The Power of Wellness

The Eight Ways of Making Money in Trevo

Many thanks for your interest in TREVO. Nutrition is just one aspect of TREVO. This is a network marketing business empowering … Continue Reading

Trevo - The Power of Wellness

How TREVO Empowers Your Health and Wellness

Hi, I trust you are doing great. Today, I will share with you how TREVO EMPOWERS your WELLNESS. TREVO does a 3-Phase … Continue Reading

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Musical Video: Top of the World by D’Banj

It's the end of the year. How has your 2013 being? Are you feeling on top of the world right now? Are you feeling thankful to … Continue Reading

Akpos 1

AKPOS JOKES: Akpos and His Sweetheart

It is Akpos again. What is he up to this time? He has been crazily in love with this Sweetheart of his. We will not tell you her … Continue Reading

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John Chid feat

A Konnect Africa Interview with Author & Motivational Speaker, John Chidi

It's a new day to make a difference, and if you need some words of motivation to give you that push, grab a copy of 'The Law of … Read

oby feat

Obiageli Nnamani on Books, Success and Making a Difference

It’s a beautiful day friends, and to launch you into one of the best weeks of this year, we thought to share this one with … Read

Kadija feat

A Konnect Africa Interview with Kadija Touré; Advocate on the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse

"Child sexual abuse is a delicate topic and it has not been adequately addressed in Africa, consequently there is a lack of tools … Read

Chioma Mordi F

A Konnect Africa Interview with Chioma Mordi; Event Planner Extraordinaire!

It is incredible, but factual! Dreams do come true! Chioma Mordi is the CEO, Enviouse Ventures, the parent company of Enviouse … Read

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stephen feature

Adetayo Tolulope is Another Nigerian Star.

Another beautiful piece, courtesy of the I Know a Nigerian star writing competition. Read this one and be inspired..... They … Continue Reading

Vote Konnect Africa for FIRE AFRICA’s Community Choice Awards 2014

Hi great people, Konnect Africa needs your votes to emerge the 2014 Community Choice Awards winner for the FIRE Awards. To … Continue Reading


Osinachi kalu “Sinach”- An Extraordinary Nigerian Star.

Hot and fresh!! From our collection of beautiful and inspirational I Know a Nigerian Star articles, we bring you this … Continue Reading

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Think and Grow Rich

Day 19 – #ThinkAndGrowRich Reading Challenge – The Power of Auto-Suggestion

Ever heard of the Law of Auto-suggestion? It is described in the lines below: - "If you think you are beaten, you are, If you … Continue Reading

Think and Grow Rich

Day 18 #ThinkAndGrowRich Reading Challenge – The Power of Faith

  Let me share with you some insights I got on the Power of faith, while reading Chapter 3 of the book, Think and Grow Rich … Continue Reading

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Beach Party

  Alexis had had it up to her chin with her sister’s escapades and she was done covering for her. Like her friend Sonia said, it … Continue Reading


If Tomorrow Never Comes

  Bountiful of writhes await my tribute Seemingly imminent, but moment unfolds the hidden Neither the heart is … Continue Reading

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